I usually start with a sketch or photograph.  I’m very inspired by nature and places I’ve visited.  Sometimes I translate an image onto lino or a stencil for screen printing. 

Annie's original designs are available to purchase by the metre on a selection of fabrics.

Photography by Sarah Skeels

Photography by Sarah Skeels


(above) A ditsy print of cow parsley, designed using a process inspired by my son 'Monty'.  First, I collected lots of cow parsley from a local woodland, then between pieces of white cotton, I smashed the foliage and flowers with a hammer! I'll be revealing the rest of this technique soon in my blog, so stay posted.

Stars Aligned

My 'stars aligned' design was inspired by new discoveries in space and the eclipses last year. The original design was created on a lino and hand printed. I then scanned and changed the colours, before having it digitally printed. It was important to me not to lose the hand-printed edginess when printing digitally.  I didn't want at the lines and colour fills to be perfect.  That's why I handprinted the design first.

Garden Doodle

Literally just that.  Born from a doodle on scrap paper.  Where different garden elements hug each other and intertwine.  From flowers and ferns to beetles and butterflies, giving a sense of a summer garden.


Sketches I did on a family holiday in Portugal... I carved into lino from which I took prints. I then photographed and enhanced the prints before they were digitally printed onto fabric. For this lampshade I have used yellow thread to freehand machine embroider and highlight the leaves  to add the essence of the Portuguese sunshine.